Our History

The firm of Du Toit Havemann & Lloyd began almost 50 years ago with the creation of the firm which practised under the name and style of Viljoen & Snyman Attorneys. The firm has since undergone a number of changes to its name but its dedication to excellence and quality has remained constant throughout.

One of the firm’s senior partners, Pieter Du Toit, was admitted as an attorney in 1964 and became a partner to the then firm of Viljoen & Snyman in the same year.

Shortly after Pieter Du Toit became a partner, the firm underwent a number of name changes, the most recent being from the name Du Toit Havemann & Krog to Du Toit Havemann & Lloyd in 1993.

Two of the firm’s founding partners, Robby Snyman and Archibald Viljoen, were actively involved in politics and both ran for Parliament. Robby Snyman was later elected as a member of the Provincial Council.

The firm’s partners have actively been involved in politics at all levels and previous partners have been members of the Provincial Council as well as the local government and one of the partners was the Deputy Mayor of Durban.

On the 4th August 2010 Pieter Du Toit passed away.  Pieter Du Toit ran a successful practice with his expertise in High Court and Magistrate’s Court civil litigation.  He was one of the first Appointees as Commissioner of the Small Claims Court in South Africa and he also served as legal advisor to the Electoral Commission for the 1994 elections.  Pieter Du Toit will not only be remembered for his great accomplishments in the legal field, but also for his passion for golf, of which he was the Honorary Vice President of the Athlone Golf Club, and was the Captain of the Golf Captains Society of Natal.